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Lake, Seth M (Vangent) Seth.Lake at vangent.com
Wed Oct 24 16:41:11 EDT 2012


I'm looking for a solution to my conundrum (aren't we all?)...  We have a cabling request spreadsheet that we want to webify and fold into a ticketing and inventory tracking system.  I've got RT 4 and AT 2 working fairly well together now, but I'm running into an issue trying to get the new ticket form for the cabling queue to work properly.  For each ticket there will be anywhere from 1-20+ cable runs on the ticket, and they each need a source, destination, and other info attached to them.  This is obvious on a spreadsheet, but I'm having a hard time translating it into Custom Fields.  so something like

environment, source rack, source equipment, source port, destination rack, destination equipment
1e, 1sr, 1se, 1sp, 1dr, 1de
2e, 2sr, 2se, 2sp, 2dr, 2de
3e, 3sr, 3se, 3sp, 3dr, 3de

As you can see the number of discreet CFs quickly gets out of hand with something like this.  I'm trying to avoid uploading attachments as separate entities but an attachment (simple Excel spreadsheet for example) that was translated into CFs would work.

Thank you for any suggestions helping me make this work correctly.
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