[rt-users] chgrp error during make upgrade

Pollard, James R jim.pollard at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 26 15:51:06 EDT 2012

Odd, checking RT_Config.pm shows what I thought which was just straight ./configure with no arguments.  More checks show I've never run httpd as anything but apache but the ./configure file from 4.04 release also assumes www.  But it worked in my previous install.  Here's what I did to get it going now, just for reference in case there are other CentOS users out there.

perl -MCPAN -e 'install CPAN'

yum install gd gd-devel

service httpd stop

./configure --with-web-group=apache

make upgrade

make upgrade-database

The upgrade changed permissions on /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj so I ended up having to run

chown -R apache:apache /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj

to fix that, then

rm -fr /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj


service httpd restart    

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On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 04:49:57PM +0000, Pollard, James R wrote:
>    I'm attempting to upgrade RT 4.04 to 4.08 on CentOS 6.3 and running into a permissions problem
>    since my webserver runs under the apache group as opposed to www which is the assumption of
>    the upgrade script.  Not a change to the install-sh script from 4.04 I see.  Is there a switch
>    I can run make upgrade with to specify the web group?

If you look at the top of /opt/rt4/etc/RT_Config.pm you'll see your incants from when you installed which should show you which arguments you gave to ./configure.

./configure --help will list the arguments for changing the users/groups.


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