[rt-users] Adding cc:'s and to:'s from subsequent emails.

Jason Marshall jasonm at katalystdm.com
Wed Oct 31 14:52:51 EDT 2012

Hi all, I guess I should start by asking if this is a good idea AT ALL. 
I believe I want to get the people cc:ed or added to the to: line in email 
responses added to the ticket as Ccs.  Not sure I've phrased that in a way 
that parses well; if not, let me know and I'll rephrase.

When I open a NEW ticket and cc: some people, they get added as cc:'s no 
problem, so I know the basic functionality is there.  What I'm asking 
about is after the ticket is open, someone else is brought into the 
conversation as a cc, so he gets a copy of THIS email, but that new cc: 
doesn't see any other replies unless people reply to emails with him as a 
"real" cc:.  I'd like the cc: to be added to the ticket so he sees all 
future correspondence whether he's specifically cc:ed or not.

Is this a stupid idea?  Is that why the ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs flag 
only does this for New tickets?  Is there a similar flag for parsing all 
messages?  I googled ParseMessageForTicketCcs (no "New") and got a few old 
warnings, but nothing concrete.

One warning was that anyone could cc: themselves on all your tickets just 
by spamming you, but I'm not clear on how that would work, and it could 
easily be avoided by only adding the cc:'s when parsing a message from 
someone who's already a cc:, watcher, or originator...

Anyway, i'm starting to ramble here.  Does anyone do this now?  has anyone 
done it and wished they hadn't??  Note that this RT3 system is used 
primarily internally and by trusted clients.  In theory it's not going to 
get spammed or beat on by "outsiders".


Jason Marshall
IT Manager
Katalyst Data Management
KELMAN is now KATALYST!  Please visit www.katalystdm.com!

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