[rt-users] Tikcet MergedInto Operation Problem in RT

Yuming Zhu yzhu at redhat.com
Tue Apr 2 22:41:08 EDT 2013

Hi, Guys

I got a problem when I query the DB for ticket history data.
When I do this operations on rt web, the DB Tickets table as followed:

1. create two tickets 193729 193730
id     EffectiveId Status
------ ----------- -----
193729 193729       new  
193730 193730       new

2. merge 193729 into 193730. 193729's status becomes resolved
id     EffectiveId Status
------ ----------- -----
193729 193730       resolved
193730 193730       new

so in STEP II, status of merged ticket became "resolved"

But if this, because ticket can be created with new, open or resolved status, and if there's no any status change before merging,
the status of merged ticket couldn't be known logically.
so we can't get the exact history data, although the case should hardly exist.

Could it be considered as a bug or defect for change(remove this feature or add a status change record in transactions table)?

Yuming Zhu

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