[rt-users] Pagination with REST API's search results

Koustubha Kale kmkale at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 04:39:12 EDT 2013


Did you ever find a solution to this? I too am facing the same problem.

Koustubha Kale

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[ I'm new to the list, so maybe this question should go to the devel one,
please tell me if you want me to post my question there. ]

I'm currently trying to integrate RT 3.8.8 with other web based tools, and
for this I use the REST API and . It's not complete but for specific needs,
I accept to do some ugly scrapping (for instance: retrieving the possible
values of a custom field).

Here's my question : I'd like to know if there's a way to paginate results,
e.g. define a limit and an offset when I search tickets so that I don't get
too many results returned. A limit alone would be fine too. We have a pretty
large ticket base (> 200k tickets), and I would like to retrieve only the
few last tickets corresponding to a given Ticket-SQL query. As far as I
know, limit/offset is not part of the Ticket-SQL language. And the
"RowsPerPage" option used in the web interface doesn't work on the REST API.

Thanks for any help,
Jean-Baptiste Barth

PS: bonus point if you give me a pointer to an other documentation
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