[rt-users] Add requestor organization to columns from search results

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Apr 4 06:21:35 EDT 2013


I'm curious to know if it's possible to add the requestor organization to a

Right now you can show the column __Requestors__ which works, and shows all
requestores belonging to a ticket.

And another thing that's possible a.t.m. is searching on the requestor
organization using this in your ticketsql:

  Requestor.Organization LIKE 'Bestpractical'

Trying to add __Requestor.Organization__ or __RequestorOrganization__ to
the columns (using advanced view) doesn't seem to work. It adds the column
but no information is shown.

Since it's a searchable item, is there a way to display the Requestor(s)
Organization in a column?

Bart G.
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