[rt-users] Migration to a new server

Gary Mason g.mason at fairfx.com
Fri Apr 5 12:16:44 EDT 2013


I have inherited an RT 3.6.7 system with around 300,000 tickets in it, 
taking up about 40GB of disk space.

The hardware this runs on is getting on a bit, and response times are 
now getting to the frustratingly slow point.

I have a new server (Debian Squeeze) on which I have managed to get RT 
4.0.7 up and running via backports PPA.  I have managed to include all 
the configuration and scrips from the existing system, and have created 
a few tickets in order to be able to demonstrate the updated 
UI/reporting/graphs etc to the helpdesk team.  People here are impressed :)

My problem is that I have been asked to migrate all the current tickets 
over to the new system in order to retain history.  I have next to no 
postgresql knowledge and am at a loss as to how to do this. I have 
briefly looked at the migration documents online, but I can't find 
anything that resembles a "run this script, point it to the current and 
new installations, cross your fingers and hold your breathe ..." type of 
migration script that would be so useful.

Is there anything that I can read, or can anyone offer some suggestions, 
as to how I can get the ticket information from the current to the new 
server ?


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