[rt-users] Redirect when no access / no rights?

Patrick G. Stoesser lists at pgs-info.de
Fri Apr 12 09:05:30 EDT 2013


as described in <514C70F2.1040200 at pgs-info.de>, I run two queues, Level1 
and Level2. My Level2 users now have a custom
status "returned". When chosing this status for a ticket, the ticket
will change the queue to Level1, will be set to unowned and escalations
will be reset to the beginning. This whole thing works fine.

The only thing: As soon as the tickets' level is set to "returned" and 
so the queue has changed, the user gets an error site: "No permission to 
view ticket"

Which is correct, because the ticket has left his queue.

Is it possible to redirect the user to his RT at a glance site in this 
case? Yes, it's jaust a click, but a displayed error may be disturbing 
for the user, especially when he did nothing wrong.

Thanks in advence, Patrick

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