[rt-users] Custom condition for script

Miles Scruggs miles at digitalphotobox.net
Tue Apr 16 13:46:42 EDT 2013

I have a couple users that can't be trained to CC each other, and they need to be CC'd on everything they create, but they also aren't the only ones creating to the queue so I can't just set them as a watcher for the queue.

Basically I would like to check on create to see if they are one or the other user, and if they are then I would like to add their counterpart as a CC to the ticket. Basically some code that looks like this:

if(user=bob | bill) {

The bad news here is that I'm incredibly dumb when it comes to perl, and have no grasp at all of the syntax much less the methods to use.

I'm guessing I put stuff like this in scrips, but I'm not 100% and I'm not sure if that can be put entirely in the condition or if I need to put it in both the condition and the action...


Miles Scruggs
miles at digitalphotobox.net

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