[rt-users] Warning when open ticket 'Modify people' in RT4

Ken Johnson kjohnson at eclypse.org
Tue Apr 16 17:52:44 EDT 2013

>On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 05:01:38PM -0500, Ken Johnson wrote:
>> I recently upgraded an RT installation from 3.4.5 to 4.0.7, in 
>> parallel to the original installation, and am still testing RT 4.0.
>> In general things look good now, but I receive this warning in the 
>> Apache2 error.log when I select the Modify people option for a ticket.
>> For example, 
>> (
>> (real IP address obscured...)
>> [Fri Apr 12 21:34:10 2013] [warning]: Use of uninitialized value 
>> $Text::Template::GEN5::comment in substitution (s///) at template line 1.
>> (template:1)
>Your Admin Comment template likely contains older code that a) warns and b)
has some bugs.
>You can go find that template and compare it to the code here:
>After editing your template, ensure that AdminCcs are still sent mail on
Comments.  It's easy >to introduce errors there.

Thanks for this helpful pointer.  I checked/updated all of the templates,
and added the missing password change template.


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