[rt-users] RT Global Scrip issue

Sibi John sibi.john at ntkn.com
Thu Apr 25 10:42:51 EDT 2013

Hey guys,

I am running RT 3.8.8 and I am running into an issue with how scrips are handling transactions. In order to only selectively run certain global scrips on queues, I have enabled the plugin RT-Extension-QueueDeactivatedScrips.

I get all my systems IT support email coming pre-filtered into a queue called IT. The first scrip that I call searches for all email headers for a spam tag. If that spam tag is found, that ticket is marked to go into the SPAM queue. Every global scrip is disabled in the SPAM queue and the ticket is resolved automatically.

However since the initial email came into the IT queue, it still sees that transaction and applies the rest of global scrips to that ticket. One of the global scrips emails all the sysadmin staff resulting in spam tickets being delivered to our inboxes. 

I will be happy to provide transaction log details if needed. 

Why does RT not stop processing other global scrips in the IT queue, once it has been assigned a different queue ? 
How do you deal with something like this ? Is this a bug that has been fixed in future versions ?

Is there a workaround around this ? 


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