[rt-users] Automating ticket updates via RT::Client::REST

Eli Boaz eboaz at icontrol.com
Thu Apr 25 21:50:13 EDT 2013

I've done some searching and perhaps my Google-fu is lacking, but I was wondering if there were any examples of updating tickets via RT::Client::REST::Ticket, aside from the information available on CPAN.

What I'm specifically looking to do is be able to update a custom field and (optionally) add a comment to the case when a defect is updated in a separate system.

I've been able to add/change/delete attributes, but I where am running into problems is adding a comment without sending the email to the admin_cc list, unless I actually delete the admin_cc list before as I'm doing in the test/proof of concept snippet I've copied below.

my @ids = qw/6119/;

my $comment = "This is a test from Perl";
for my $id (@ids) {

  my $ticket = RT::Client::REST::Ticket->new(rt => $rt, id => $id);
  my @admin_cc = $ticket->admin_cc();

  if((scalar @admin_cc) > 0) {

  try {
  } catch Exception::Class::Base with {
      die "Unable to store ticket update", shift->message;

Thanks in advance,

Eli Boaz
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