[rt-users] Help - "Deep Recursion on subroutine..."

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Fri Apr 26 19:35:15 EDT 2013

There are a number of possibilities given the config snippet below.

Jason wrote:
>    Set($SendmailArguments , "-oi -t -f support\@obscured.com");

Does support at obscured.com go into RT?  -f sets the envelope-sender
address which is where bounces go.  If it goes into RT, that's
potentially a mail loop.

>    Set($MaxAttachmentSize , 10000000);
>    #Set($RTAddressRegexp , '(^rt\@obscured.com$)(.*\@obscured.co.za)');
>    Set($RTAddressRegexp , '.*\@obscured.co.za');

The commented out $RTAddressRegexp (which I suppose is commented out
because it didn't work; the regex syntax is incorrect) contains
rt at obscured.com, but the uncommented version of the option doesn't match

Does rt at obscured.com still go into RT?  If so, that could be the source
of a loop if a ticket got a watcher of the rt@ address added.  Try this

    '^(rt at obscured\.com|.*@obscured\.co\.za)$'

Escaping the @ isn't necessary in a single-quoted string, just double
quoted to prevent interpolation.

Additionally, the current $RTAddressRegexp should have the dots (.) in
.co.za escaped with a backslash, though that's unlikely to cause a loop.

>    Set($CorrespondAddress , 'no-reply at obscured.co.za');
>    Set($CommentAddress , 'no-reply at obscured.co.za');

These values are strange, since normally those addresses are intended to
receive replies!  However, they are unlikely to be a mail loop source
since they will match your RTAddressRegexp.


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