[rt-users] nginx / varnish / apache with RT?

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Tue Aug 6 08:22:45 EDT 2013

Am Tue, 6 Aug 2013 21:04:25 +1000
schrieb Chris Herrmann <chrisherrmann7 at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> i've been playing with an NVA setup for some lamp sites (Joomla) and
> the scaling is looking pretty amazing... still early days but initial
> results look very promising.
> anyway, it got me thinking to whether varnish would work with RT. I'm
> familiar enough with it to understand the generic accelerator
> principle ... but I don't see how it would work with generated
> content - because of RT handles sessions / authentication / etc. Or
> is it smart enough to know that if I visit the same ticket twice in a
> row and the ticket hasn't changed, to give me cached content?
> I've tried searching for "perl varnish" and "request tracker varnish"
> type pages but have only found one archive thread
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/72455 which appears
> inconclusive - does it actually make a noticeable difference or not?
> Internally we're using a squid proxy, and we have a small number of
> users, so not sure that the static page elements being handled by
> varnish or nginx would offer a huge advantage? anyway keen to hear
> people's experiences or other thoughts on accelerating RT...

I have no experience running RT with NGNIX (only installed it as
proof-of-concept once), but from what I can remember, it's serving all
the static files directly (if you follow the documentation, you don't
even need Apache anymore) and maybe also cached data.

I sincerely doubt you'd hit a scalabilty-wall in NGINX before running
out of CPU for the spawn-fcgi perl processes. Adding varnish to the mix
looks to me like a wasted effort (if you serve RT over SSL, you'd need
NGINX in front of it, again, because varnish does not do SSL at all).

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