[rt-users] public dashboards in RT 4.0.10

MacKillip, Scott smackillip at idanalytics.com
Tue Aug 6 12:17:54 EDT 2013


I am trying to add new dashboards to our existing RT installation (rt version 4.0.10, using MySQL).

I can create the dashboard, and am able to subscribe to it, however the end users (who really need this) are not able to find and thus subscribe to the new dashboard. Additionally, I've not been able to successfully create a dashboard that gets added to the "Home" pull down menu. How is this accomplished?  Once the dashboard is created, do I need to provide it group rights? I have tried creating the dashboard as my regular user and also as my administrator account and have tried to create a dashboard using the provided "root" account. I am obviously missing something, just not sure what!

Are there any administrative tools that would allow me to find out what accounts are subscribed to what dashboards?

I've done a google search on dashboards in RT, what I've discovered is this (please correct me if anything is incorrect!):

1.      If you create the dashboard as root user it should have the correct permissions to be viewed by all.

2.      Need to subscribe to the dashboard as a logged in user (that is, I can't log in as me and add a dashboard to someone else's RT account. I can subscribe someone else's email account to get the dashboard, however that would then need to be managed by me in my account on RT)

Pointers, input, advice are all welcome on this issue from me - I am continuing to poke around to see what I can find, however thought it best to turn to the guru's after spending most of one day on this.

I appreciate your time!

Scott MacKillip
Configuration Manager
ID Analytics, Inc.
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