[rt-users] A few general questions

Elliott, Kevin C (DOR) kevin.elliott at alaska.gov
Thu Aug 15 18:09:15 EDT 2013

> 1. How do you setup the "manager" account? Basically one that can delegate
> tickets to others, but still have it to where we can take ownership without
> their intervention if needed.

Try configuring a global group called Staff (or something similar) and then assigning it global rights. This would represent your cross-queue staff members such as your IT staff who need these rights in any queue. Then you could create a group (e.g., $QUEUE-Staff) and then assign them appropriate rights to their queue. In a situation where you have many queues (Building Maintenance, Help Desk, Change Requests, etc), members of your global group would have rights to all of those queues and could act as queue independent staff. Members of the $QUEUE-Staff groups would have rights specific to their queue and would function in a similar manner.

Just be aware that if you follow this scheme and you need to restrict the rights of the Staff group, you'll have to go back in after the fact and assign it per-queue rights.

> 2. Is there an easy way to get statistics of number of tickets worked by each
> individual staff member

You should be able to look at charts in the search functionality.

 3. Is there a good place to read up on the various
> permissions and such I would need to set to allow my staff and I to do stuff. I
> have found hit and miss documentation in the wikia but nothing all inclusive.

Try reading the http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/RightsQuickStart and the http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/Group Wikis. Other than that, if your RT instance is in a virtualized environment - I'd recommend taking a snapshot and just playing around with Rights and Groups until you get a good feel for it and then just roll back when you're done.

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