[rt-users] Upgrade: RTFM Article, Content CustomField not displaying

Anthony Gladdish anthony.gladdish at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri Aug 16 05:26:41 EDT 2013


When viewing/editing an RTFM Article, Content CustomField is not displaying.

This is after installing a fresh copy of RT 3.8.17 + RTFM 2.4.5 and pointing at copy of database, and upgraded as per steps in: http://www.bestpractical.com/docs/rt/3.8/UPGRADING.html from 3.8.2.
I chose not to run optional "perl etc/upgrade/split-out-cf-categories" in 3.8.5 step.

CustomFields already exist; I don't need to create new ones. The data in database has not changed during database upgrade.

Test system ( RT 3.8.17 + RTFM 2.4.5 ):

	For both menus:
	Menu: RTFM -> Configuration -> Custom Fields
	Menu: Configuration -> RTFM -> Custom Fields

		Lists record #32 from the "CustomFields" table. "Applied" column is empty.
		Lists record #31 from the "CustomFields" table. "Applied" column is empty.

		Clicking on each CustomField, "Applies to" is "RTFM Articles".

		I think it should be referencing CF records from "FM_CustomFields" table instead?

Works fine with RT 3.8.2 + RTFM 2.4.1.

Is this a bug or have I missed something?


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