[rt-users] Ticket reply issues

Mark Campbell mcc171 at psu.edu
Wed Aug 21 12:39:45 EDT 2013

I am having problems with certain individuals not being able to properly 
reply to a ticket once it is created.

In this instance when I ticket is open an admin of the queue responds 
and a new ticket is created.  The admin simply clicks reply and the 
subject contains the correct information between the brackets in the 
subject line.    I have included the headers below. Any ideas?  I assume 
the reere of @example.com probably isn't correct.

MIME-Version: 1.0
In-Reply-To: <CABoYp6PTqQuWqz_2-mywBMS-LDPtK1tCeTUaZbj=_xxx-hcTVg at mail.xxxxx.com>
X-Mailer: MIME-tools 5.427 (Entity 5.427)
Content-Disposition: inline
References: <RT-Ticket-388 at example.com> <RT-Ticket-384 at example.com>
  <0CF0D76B-6DBF-4330-B1CC-865AED98314F at psu.edu>
  <rt-3.8.10-6284-1376575355-1034.384-7-0 at example.com>
  <CABoYp6OOtgwSzRb1-FKPN4oSCL=f96qnYCnePFf0Of6XexTtpQ at mail.xxxx.com>
  <CABoYp6ORTRYEinKmgfnX59Gc9bV_v7Ke6dt6un6xWNt5FSipOw at mail.xxxx.com>
  <rt-3.8.10-13494-1376927913-1078.388-6-0 at example.com>
  <CABoYp6PTqQuWqz_2-mywBMS-LDPtK1tCeTUaZbj=_jW7-hcTVg at mail.xxxx.com>
Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8"
Message-ID: <rt-3.8.10-16643-1376928170-559.391-0-0 at example.com>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
X-RT-Original-Encoding: utf-8
Content-Length: 3586

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