[rt-users] Oldvalue and New value

Bryon Baker bbaker at copesan.com
Thu Aug 22 12:14:00 EDT 2013

Need to know what I am doing wrong I cannot seem to figure out how to implement this code

my $ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $txn = $self->TransactionObj;
my $type = $txn->Type;
my $field = $txn->Field;
my $NewStatus = "open";
my $oldvalue = $txn->Oldvalue;
my $newvalue = $txn->Newvalue;
$RT::Logger->debug("Open Ticket on Change Oldvalue  $oldvalue\n");
$RT::Logger->debug("Open Ticket on Change Newvalue  $newvalue \n");

I continue to get the following for new or old value.
Scrip 63 Commit failed: RT::Transaction::Oldvalue Unimplemented in RT::Action::UserDefined. ((eval 1728) line 6)

Thanks all for the help.

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