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Mike Coakley mike.coakley at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 20:42:31 EDT 2013

Hi mdm100,

Just to be sure, have you checked how you are forwarding from the first address to the other? If that isn't keeping the original sender then that is where you are losing the reply mail. RT replies to whatever email address it receives. The logs and history should show you exactly where the message is going back to (i.e. look at the outbound message in your RT history).  

If I'm off base. You will need to supply the list a lot more information. Like: how your forwarding is setup, what mail mtas are in the chain, how you are getting emails into RT, how that setup is configured, logs relevant to the issue, and what a ticket history looks like for one that didn't work with the raw email source for the replies RT did send.  

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