[rt-users] Technician on vacation status

Jim Berry jim.h.berry at frb.gov
Mon Aug 26 11:22:05 EDT 2013

Two thoughts:

1.  At our site we have  a cron job which checks for new tickets which have been sitting around for N hours and don't have a future start date.  If any are found, an email goes out to the owner and her manager and the RT admin with a ticket summary.    This fails if all 3 are out, but has worked reasonably well, and does not depend on the accuracy of our electronic whiteboard.

2.  If it is possible to determine from an RT Scrip  if a staff member is on vacation,  then one could have a scrip with a custom condition checking if the transaction is assigning ownership to someone who is out.  If so, alert some key players.  (We have the Send Email action installed for a similar situation).


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> On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 2:20 AM, Max McGrath <mmcgrath at carthage.edu>
> wrote:
> > Hi all -
> >
> > Running RT 4.0.16.  Was talking with a co-worker today about this.
> > I was wondering if there is anything that can be put in place
> > (easily) for when a person is out of the office for a long time.
> >
> > For instance , if a person is out on vacation for two weeks and not
> > everybody is aware, maybe RT shouldn't allow tickets to be given to
> > this person?
> >
> > Not sure if this is possible...or even a good idea.  Just a thought.
> >
> I havn't seen an extension for RT that helps with vacations and would
> be cool to get one.

I have never tried this, but what happens if:

 - that user is disabled?
 - if that user has any old tickets in "waiting for feedback status"
   and then the tickets acutally get feedback and the user is disabled?

Disabling the user is harsh - but at least, nobody will be able to assign new tickets to the user.

In my organization, people just send an email to everybody when they are away for a longer time...obviously not a solution for a company with 30k active RT users.

I would be really interested to know how organizations with a large number of privileged RT users handle this.

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