[rt-users] original date from email bounced to RT

Eleanor J. Evans [Panix Staff] eje at panix.com
Fri Dec 6 12:31:30 EST 2013

Most of our incoming support queries go directly to the ticketing
system, but some wind up in mailboxes and are then bounced to the
correct queue.  Occasionally, the queries are time-sensitive, and we
need to know when they came in without having to look at the full
ticket history.

I had to dig a bit to figure out how to get to the correct header so I
thought I'd share this tip, to save anyone else the work:

To add a Date: header to your template body with the original date of
the transaction, when it may have been bounced from a received inbox
to the ticketing system at a later time (defaults to transaction
create date):

Date: {$Transaction->Attachments->First->GetHeader('Date') || $Transaction->CreatedAsString}

Eleanor J. Piglet Evans, eje at panix.com
Customer Support, (212) 741-4400

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