[rt-users] Get QueueName in External CustomField

Pritpal Sabharwal pritpal at tech-guides.co.uk
Fri Dec 6 19:35:02 EST 2013


I am trying to create a CustomField with data obtained from a database.
I need to pass the current queue name as a where clause into the
External Source script.

A little background:

* Multiple customers, each customer has their own queue.
* Each customer has a a different set of products which they are
supported for.

The product list will be stored on a database referenced with the queue
name for that particular customer. When you try and create a ticket in
one of these queues, I want to populate the data in the CustomField by
passing the queue name to the external source script.

This is what I have tried so far:


sub ExternalValues {
     my $self = shift;

     my $queue = $self->TicketObj->QueueObj;


When I run the above, I get the following message:

"Can't locate object method "TicketObj" via package..."

Any help here would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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