[rt-users] Problem with HTML tags appearing in correspondence

Lai Zit Seng lzs at zitseng.com
Wed Dec 11 17:45:10 EST 2013

Hi Bart,

I was hoping to not have to downgrade. :P I can live without the rich text editor for now.


On 11 December, 2013 at 8:33:59 pm, Bart (bart at pleh.info) wrote:


As mentioned in that thread, I resolved it by installing version 4.2.0 again using these steps:

# Download and unpack version 4.2.0
wget wget http://download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/release/rt-4.2.0.tar.gz
tar -xvzf rt-4.2.0.tar.gz
cd rt-4.2.0

# Only go up to the make upgrade, don't do the upgrade-database parts
make upgrade

# Restart RT
service apache2 stop
rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj/*
service apache2 start

Unfortunately I don't know if there's a "real" fix for this problem, for now I'm satisfied with the downgrade to version 4.2.0 which seems to work just fine (even with the 4.2.1 database changes, apparently they have no affect on the functionality of RT 4.2.0).

2013/12/11 Lai Zit Seng <lzs at zitseng.com>
I seem to be experiencing the same problem as mentioned in:


I don’t have custom templates. The HTML tags are only appearing when replying through the web interface. Disabling the Rich Text Editor avoids this problem. Hope this can be fixed?



Bart G.
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