[rt-users] RT 4.2 mysql/postgres migration

Matthias Peplow matthias.peplow at s-f.com
Wed Dec 18 03:03:37 EST 2013


I am curious if somebody already tried a mysql/postgres migration in RT 4.2.

From what I read in the docs the intended way to accomplish this task is to dump the mysql database using the rt-serializer command and importing the dump using rt-importer to a new instance.

In detail I would try the following:

apachectl stop; service fetchmaild stop

rt-validator --check && rt-serializer —clone  --directory path/to/export/directory

making appropriate changes to RT_SiteConfig.pm (changing Database engine from mysql to pgsql)

rt-importer path/to/export/directory

apachectl start

checking if everything looks as before

service fetchmaild start

Am I missing something or should the migration basically work as described?



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