[rt-users] Check boxes - simplified recipient list - broken

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Fri Dec 20 10:35:26 EST 2013

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 11:07:03AM +0100, Bart wrote:
>    1) One-time CC/BCC check boxes
>    With my upgraded installation these were broken.

This implies you did your upgrade improperly, either you didn't clear
the mason cache or you have a local customization that copied the
broken code and served it instead.  I'm deleting and ignore this part.

>    2) simplified recipient list
>    In addition to the above I have a problem with the simplified recipient list.
>    Since it's simple to understand this is the default I serve to our RT users.
>    By default it selects the people linked to a ticket (requestor/cc) and when sending emails to
>    them it all just works.
>    The problem however is that when you want to "uncheck" a person, that it still sends e-mails
>    to that person... Even when unchecking all people, entering 1 new person in the one-time cc,
>    it would send an e-mail to everyone including the one-time cc person....

I'm surprised you didn't notice the JS error in your browser console
which is the source of this bug.  I'll be forwarding your report along
to the bug tracker.

>    Due to having to check the RT outgoing mail records I've noticed a layout issue, the header is
>    overlapping with the actual e-mail record making it sometimes impossible to read the CC field.
>    I've done this simple, but not so nice, hack to properly show the e-mail record so that all
>    e-mail headers are viewable:
>    mkdir -p /opt/rt4/local/html/Ticket/
>    cp /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html
>    /opt/rt4/local/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html
>    nano -w /opt/rt4/local/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html
>    Change the following:

This was fixed on 4.2-trunk with CSS rather than adding in some <br>s
You can download and apply 1ed7b0181cce7f39c6057f9cec9106eadb0fa06a

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