[rt-users] Recommended Upgrade Path

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Sat Feb 2 13:52:32 EST 2013

On 02/02/2013 09:44 AM, Camron W. Fox wrote:
> 	As all of the equipment is new, I would like to, if at all possible, to
> install 4.0.9 from scratch on one of the new machines and import the DB
> data from the old 3.6.6 installation.
> 	I'd rather not migrate the 3.6.6 installation to a new machine and then
> have to upgrade to the 4.0.9 version on that machine. Seems like we
> should be able to simplify the procedure.

Nothing in the docs claims you have to migrate the old installation,
just the old data.  What you describe wanting is a very normal upgrade
process for RT.

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