[rt-users] Custom Lifecycle and My Tickets

Martin Klíma martin.klima at warhorsestudios.cz
Thu Feb 7 13:47:55 EST 2013

> Log in as root, click on the Edit link in the upper righthand corner of My Tickets, 
> click on edit the saved search, edit the search, save the search.

How very stupid of me not to notice that. You are a lifesaver, Kevin.

> This only works for users who haven't hacked up My Tickets already.

Fortunately, I was not beyond redemption yet and it worked for me.

> And yes, we all want __Active__ but nobody's had time to hack in the magic (easy) 
> and test (harder).  We have ~5 lifecycles in our main RT and some of them 
> have long status names, so we feel your pain.

Yes, that would be great. Thanks for your help anyway, we only have one custom lifecycle so far, so we can live with it.



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