[rt-users] Adding rights to default lifecycle

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 10 04:14:45 EST 2013

Martin Wheldon wrote:
> Hi,
> To answer part of my own question I see the default life cycle can be 
> found in RT_Config.pm.
> Looks like my best option may be to copy the default over to 
> RT_SiteConfig.pm and modify it there?
Don't modifiy it but make a complete copy and use that as a template for 
you new lifecyle. After finishing it, restart your webserver/RT and use 
the new lifecycle on the queue(s) where needed.

WARNING: if you have tickets in the queue where you're changing 
lifecycles beware that if you don't have a superset of the original that 
there are currently problems with reassigning statussen(?).
This has come up on the list this week so look at the archives to find it.



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