[rt-users] RT-Extension-RepliesToResolved not creating links

Nick Fennell nick.fennell at appliansys.com
Wed Feb 13 11:34:19 EST 2013

Hi All.

Have just installed/enabled the plugin 'RT-Extension-RepliesToResolved'. This was in place of a less supported option 'ForkIntoNewTicket'.

The new plugin seems to work in the basic sense, resolved tickets are no longer recording new messages but instead, new messages are forked correctly into a new ticket.

However, I have one or two little gripes;

1) I don't see the links being created between the forked response and the original ticket
2) I'd like to be able to prefix the forked template so that it includes a similar message to;

Response received on reply to previously resolved ticket: #12345

Any advice appreciated.


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