[rt-users] Ready to roll?

John Buell jbuell at countrysampler.com
Mon Feb 25 19:09:37 EST 2013

Ok, I have users set up, groups set up (company departments), queues set up.... The RT box seems to be sending messages back and forth to our main Exchange box with no trouble at all.... The RT web interface itself is only viewable from within our network, but I don't personally see that as a problem.... I JUST got the RT book today and implemented the backups for MySQL (and copying a few .pm files) onto a removable USB drive with no issue, and now scheduled that to run via cron every night at midnight.... Are there any other last second gotchas I should beware of before I unleash all of my users onto RT?

And my two cents: This is a great product, and I'm glad I spent the money on the ORA book. Thanks also to everyone on this list who has responded to me so far, I'm really looking forward to putting RT to good use!

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