[rt-users] Ready to roll?

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Tue Feb 26 01:53:32 EST 2013

Don't forget the cronjobs:


Am 26.02.2013 01:09, schrieb John Buell:
> Ok, I have users set up, groups set up (company departments), queues set
> up…. The RT box seems to be sending messages back and forth to our main
> Exchange box with no trouble at all…. The RT web interface itself is
> only viewable from within our network, but I don’t personally see that
> as a problem…. I JUST got the RT book today and implemented the backups
> for MySQL (and copying a few .pm files) onto a removable USB drive with
> no issue, and now scheduled that to run via cron every night at
> midnight…. Are there any other last second gotchas I should beware of
> before I unleash all of my users onto RT?
> And my two cents: This is a great product, and I’m glad I spent the
> money on the ORA book. Thanks also to everyone on this list who has
> responded to me so far, I’m really looking forward to putting RT to good
> use!
> -John

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