[rt-users] Custom fields and non privileged users

Xavier Barnada xbarnada at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 06:32:31 EST 2013


I'm configuring a RT4 and I have a problem. I want to use custom
fields on tickets.
I tried to create a non privileged user with "view custom fields"
permission .I tried to create a ticket with this user and the custom
field don't appear on the form of ticket and don't allow me to create
the ticket because a custom field validation error.
I searched possible solutions and set this user as a privileged
user.With privileged user the custom field appear on the create ticket
form  but appear another option that allows the user to set the
initial status of the ticket and I want the user only can create
tickets as "New".

There is any possible solution to show the custom field on non
privileged users or hide the initial status on the privileged users?


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