[rt-users] Notifications are sent before status and custom field changes are applied?

Craig Ringer craig at 2ndquadrant.com
Wed Jul 24 20:36:30 EDT 2013

On 07/25/2013 12:49 AM, Thomas Sibley wrote:
> On 07/23/2013 12:56 AM, Craig Ringer wrote:
>> Do any of the other RT users here know of a reason *not* to use
>> TransactionBatch for sending email notifications?
> Be wary of $self->TransactionObj in TransactionBatch scrips; it isn't
> guaranteed to be the transaction that matched the scrip condition but
> merely the first transaction in the batch.
> You can use $self->TicketObj->TransactionBatch to get an arrayref of
> transaction objects.

Thank-you very much for that tip.

I'm compiling a pile of RT extension/development notes that I'm working
on merging into the perldoc; I'll hopefully have a patch for you to pick
and choose from in a few weeks.

Considered adding a warn(...) line in TransactionObj() when invoked in
batch context?

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