[rt-users] Some searches produce tickets with incorrect links

Gary Mason g.mason at fairfx.com
Tue Jun 11 05:33:22 EDT 2013


I have successfully migrated my RT database from 3.6.7 to 4.0.7 on 
Debain Wheezy and Postgresql 9.2.

Everything is looking good with the exception of the following problem I 
have found.

If I do a search with the following criteria in the New Search query 
builder screen, then I get a results page that works fine - the links to 
tickets are formatted correctly.

Queue = 'Abroad'
AND Status = 'new'

Each ticket has a link such as :- 
https://rt4.mydomain.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=324944 where clicking on 
it displayed the ticket information.

If I now slightly amend the search to the following criteria:

Queue = 'Abroad'
   Status = 'new'
   OR Status =  'open')

then the results screen offers ticket results with an incorrect link :- 

Note the extra "/rt" after the domain name.  Clicking on these links 
goes to my page not found processing on nginx, ie back to the login page.

Clicking on the Advanced menu bar link shows the format of the output, 
and each time, the '<a href="......' line matches the link of the 
ticket, which is either correct (works) or incorrect (fails).  I have 
checked the $DefaultSearchResultFormat in my RT_Config.pm file (I have 
confirmed it is not changed in my RT_SiteConfig.pm file) and it states 
the following :-

Set ($DefaultSearchResultFormat, qq{

What is causing this issue with certain search criteria ?  On previous 
tests with this particular setup, but without the migrated ticket 
information, these searches always worked fine.

Hoping someone knows ..


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