[rt-users] Export Missing Fields Break Tabs

Robert Gabriel ephemeric at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 09:10:17 EDT 2013


We have RT 4.0.11 which we love using, thank you.

When we do a search from the CLI like so:


/opt/rt4/bin/rt ls -o Queue -t ticket -q CoT,GDF,NCPG "(Status = new OR
Status = received OR Status = assigned \

OR Status = locating OR Status = offline OR Status = user_leave OR Status =
user_busy OR Status = user_away \

OR Status = attending OR Status = soc_confrm OR Status = seclvl_res)" \

-f id,status,queue,subject,CF-Virus Detected,CF-Host
of events past 7 days, \

CF-Actual Error,CF-Affected User,CF-Pattern,CF-Resolved By,CF-Source
Type,CF-System Type \



upon importing report.txt into a spreadsheet several rows are broken.

It looks like the ticket in question is imported across several rows with
fields being aligned far left.

If we do a spreadsheet from the feed in RT it's all good.

Are there any solutions/workarounds for this?

Could control characters in our tickets be causing problems?

Are there any major differences between feed spreadsheets and CLI output?

Looking at the CLI I don't see any export *.csv options.

Thank you in advance.
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