[rt-users] CF - article - image as attachment - link values to

Alexander Kucheryuk alex.kucheryuk at eltoma-offshore.com
Thu Jun 13 04:00:45 EDT 2013

I am running RT 4.0.13 on Centos 6.3.
I have configured CF for articles. Type of CF is "upload multiple 
images". When inserting article with that CF (for example, replying to 
ticket), only the name (of image) is inserted, not the image itself. I 
was thinking of bypassing that issue using embedded html (eg. <img>) and 
__CustomField__ . However, when inserting article into ticket reply, 
attribute "Link values to" of that CF seems to be completely ignored 
(plain value - name of the image - is inserted). Is it possible to take 
into account attribute "Link values to" when inserting article into 
ticket reply ?

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