[rt-users] Simple way how to change outgoing identification

pavel.sidlo at linuxbox.cz pavel.sidlo at linuxbox.cz
Fri Jun 14 07:51:06 EDT 2013

We have several queues for our departments (helpdesk, development,
specialists, marketing with e-mail helpdesk at company.com,
development at company.com, etc.). Every queue has its own e-mail address.
>From time to time we need to change From field in header of e-mail when
sending e-mails from RT from helpdesk at company.com to
techsupport at othercompany.com (both heading to same queue). Our business
partners requires this in communication with customers along with change of
signatures. These customers are usually communicating with directly every
department (=queue) so it is necessary change identification per ticket.

We plan to archieve this by using Custom Fields this way:
- if To or Cc in incoming message is techsupport at othercompany.com (not
helpdesk at company.com as set in queue settings) set CF named Identity to
techsupport at othercompany.com using MailGate plugin
- if ticket has CF named Identity set to techsupport at othercompany.com, From
field in outgoing mail header to techsupport at othercompany.com

Is it possible to archieve this by some easy way?

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