[rt-users] Setting up requestor access to Self Service Web UI

Jeff Solberg jsolberg at intrepidls.com
Fri Jun 14 16:49:04 EDT 2013


I have been tasked in rolling out RT to our organization. So far so good. I was able to get RT 4.0.7 up and running on Debian Linux 7.0 (Wheezy).  Now its down to the nuts and bolt tightening of this product to tailor it to our environment. One thing that I am contemplating is how other than email my end users will be able to track their own tickets without giving them access to all of the ticket queues I will be setting up. The email notifications are working ok as in the end user will receive updates and will be able to see any comments the owner put into the tickets. Now onto setting up the self service part of the Web UI. I have looked through many articles on this and really haven't found anything that actually stated how to enable and setup the Self Service feature on a new installation of RT.  My goal is to have the end user click on a URL in the auto reply email that will direct them to the Self Service UI and also iauto log them in without being prompted for a username and password (if possible). With that being said I guess I have 2 questions: 1) How to setup Self Service and 2) How to (if possible) make it so an end user can click on a URL in the auto reply and auto log them in without Username and Password. Thanks in advance for any help in regards to this issue!


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