[rt-users] Confusion about See/ModifyCustomField rights

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Tue Jun 18 14:26:57 EDT 2013

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 8:42 PM, Maciej Dobrzanski <
reg.bestpractical at posterus.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to troubleshoot a problem and I got a little bit confused about
> how See/ModifyCustomField privileges work. Both exist as Custom Field
> rights
> as well as Queue rights and they somehow overlap, but it's not very clear
> to
> me how.
> With See/ModifyCustomField set for a group on a queue, I can see and edit
> custom fields for any tickets in that queue, but at the same time I can't
> see the same custom fields in search edit - even after selecting a queue
> first. With See/ModifyCustomField granted for the same group in the custom
> field properties, on the other hand,
> RT will show it in search options.
> It seems like a similar difference exists in API. With queue rights I can
> access and iterate on $Ticket->CustomFields, but creating a custom field
> object instance and loading one of the same custom fields by queue and name
> fails unless the user has See/Modify rights on the actual field.
> Could someone explain how these rights really work?

SeeCustomField on Queue level should allow you to see all custom fields
applied to the queue. Implementation is tricky and it's hard make it work
in all cases. See SetContextObject in RT::CustomField. Basicly code says
that user wants to interact with this custom field in context of
ticket/queue X.

So this feature is incomplete, but so wanted that it's kept in RT core and
constantly improved to work properly in more and more situations.

Situation you described is actually fixable to some point, but I don't
remember if we have a fix or not.

> Best regards,
> Maciek
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Best regards, Ruslan.
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