[rt-users] 'Reply' rights - what am I missing?

Boli boli at itss.co.tz
Wed Jun 19 07:07:20 EDT 2013


Sorry for what may seem like an obvious question,

I have a queue that my privileged users are able to reply to, however I
don't want them to be able to reply - only comment.

- There are no 'user' rights set for anyone anywhere.
- The 'group' rights for the queue
(tools->config->queues->QUEUE->groupRights) do not allow 'Reply to Tickets'
There are no global group rights (tools->config->global->group
rights)(except relating to saved searches)

Why can my users still reply to tickets? What am I missing?

I imagine its something real obvious... but I've been looking through
access rights for the last hour and can't see the wood for the trees...


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