[rt-users] Notify owners of new ticket not working

Cena, Stephen (ext. 300) SJC at qvii.com
Wed Jun 19 13:00:57 EDT 2013

Ah; then it looks like it's a bug in the plug-in itself. It is in fact
notifying the potential owners of a ticket, whether an Owner is
specified or not. This isn't bad. I could just create a custom Template
that would rework the email to let everyone know who has the ticket.

Does anyone have a custom Scrip they use when a ticket is created, and
no owner is specified that all potential owners get notified? I also
need to look at the Perl modules someone recommended earlier, but I
thought this plug-in might do the trick.

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Subject: Re: [rt-users] Notify owners of new ticket not working
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On 2013-06-19 15:49, Cena, Stephen (ext. 300) wrote:
> I'm using the NotifyOwner plug in for extra notifications:
> [1]
> The Scrip is working, however its also sending out an email even if
> the ticket gets an owner. It should only fire when the ticket is
> created and the owner is "Nobody In Particular".
> Here is my Scrip:
> ============================
> Desc: On Create Unowned Ticket
> Condition: On Create
> Action: Notify Potential Owners
> Template: Global Template: Potential owners notification
> Stage: TransactionCreate
> Custom Condition:
> return 1 if $self->OwnerObj->Id == $RT::Nobody->Id;
> return 0;
> =============================
> Is my custom condition wrong?

Hi Stephen,

You should select "Userdefined" from the Condition pulldown menu, or it 
will not run your custom condition code block.



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