[rt-users] Problems with Perl modules on CentOS

Johnny Rose Carlsen johnny.c at aware.co.th
Wed Jun 19 23:26:21 EDT 2013

Dear List,

I have been running a few RT 3/4 systems on CentOS 5/6 for the last 3
years and have had many issues maintaining them.

A lot of the required Perl modules used by RT are not provided by the
standard CentOS repositories (including EPEL and RPMForge), which means
they will get installed using CPAN.

Some of the modules from CPAN then requires newer versions of modules
that was installed by RPM. So in some situations I end up with a module
being managed by both CPAN and RPM (CPAN for the newest version, RPM
because of other RPM dependencies).

Everything usually ends up working somehow, but only until it is time to
update the server (yum update) or RT - which causes everything to break.

I have read the wiki about how other people handle RT on CentOS, but I
can't see any guides who actually solves this problem.

Am I missing something? or should I just be using a different distribution?

Which distribution seems to work best with RT? - I'd like to completely
avoid installing stuff using CPAN.

Best Regards,
Johnny Carlsen
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