[rt-users] Cannot add User/Group rights to queues

Johnny Rose Carlsen johnny.c at aware.co.th
Mon Jun 24 05:07:43 EDT 2013

Dear List,

While setting up a new queue, I discovered that I was now unable to add
Groups and Users in "Group Rights" and "User Rights".

When I start typing in the "Add Group" input field, it correctly lists
the available groups. Selecting a group in the list fills out the input
field (I believe it is supposed to auto-submit here?), clicking "Save
Changes" just reloads the view, but no group gets added.

I see this error on 3 different servers:
RT 4.0.1  on CentOS 5.9 (RPM/CPAN)
RT 4.0.3  on CentOS 5.9 (RPM/CPAN)
RT 4.0.13 on CentOS 6.4 (New install, with Perlbrew)

I do not see any errors in the logfiles, and I am not entirely sure how
to debug this. Have anyone experienced anything similar?

Best Regards,
Johnny Carlsen

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