[rt-users] Address Book for RT

Andrey Tatarnikov insane at mozgam.net
Thu Jun 27 04:35:49 EDT 2013

Hi all,

For the last few days we had some issues when somebody did a mistake in 
the "To:" field creating new mail in Outlook. This is bad and now we are 
thinking about handling customer service somehow without using mail 
I have used RT in past and that is why RT was my first thought. But 
after reviewing RT4 demo at http://rt.easter-eggs.org/demos/ I have 
questions about what could I do with RT now.

1. Could RT keep Address Book within itself with the ability for users 
to modify contact information for people in it? Also I need RT to create 
new contact every time when mail from unknown sender arrives.
2. If answer for 1 is positive - could we split this Address Book by 
groups of contacts (e.g. CustomerCompany1 which contains Contact1, 
Contact2; CustomerCompany2 contains Contact3,... etc.)?
3. If answer for 1 is positive - could we let RT user to pick up 
necessary contacts from their groups when creating a new ticket instead 
of prompting them in the field? Basically, when creating a new ticket, 
user should fill address fields by himself and could make a mistake.
4. If answer for 1 is positive - could we let RT user to edit address 
fields when replying to the ticket without editing them in the textbox?

E.g., the use case for creating new ticket might be:
1. select queue and click "new ticket"
2. click "Address" button on the page and select requestors manually 
from the Address Book, apply the selection. Selected contacts should 
appear at the Requestors and Cc fields.

Andrey Tatarnikov

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