[rt-users] Integrating RT with Remedy

Roy r at elhames.co.uk
Tue Mar 5 10:49:36 EST 2013


We had a supplier that used a remedy system for ticketing and we got our  
RT and their remedy to interact with both maintaining the ticket numbers  
of both systems.
Unfortunately I can 't help you of what was done in remedy , but certainly  
their system maintained the  [#RT ticket number] in the subject line (so  
it can be done).
On the RT end , you should able to automate populating your remedy ticket  
number CF via scrips. Depending on how the remedy system is configured,  
but you can either grab it from the subject line or from the mail headers.


On Mon, 04 Mar 2013 23:14:28 -0000, Tony Arnold  
<tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk> wrote:

> Is there a plugin or has anyone done any work on integrating RT with
> BMC Remedy?
> Our investigations get sent to e-mail addresses that automatically
> create tickets in Remedy. We get an automatic reply acknowledging the
> request from Remedy, but it changes the subject line so the RT ticket
> number is lost.
> I have created a custom field so we can store the Remedy ticket number
> of any incident in RT (this has to be done manually) and even added a
> URL so when I click on the Remedy ticket number it takes me to a web
> interface for Remedy and displays the ticket.
> I'd like to be able to detect the remedy ticket number in an incoming
> message to RT, look it up and find the corresponding RT ticket and
> merge the two together.
> Any suggestions?
> Regards,
> Tony.

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