[rt-users] Changing default account preferences / RT at a Glance

LachieC - Vanbar lachiec at vanbar.com.au
Mon Mar 4 18:49:16 EST 2013

Good day,

I've recently deployed RT 4.0.4 in the small business I work for, it is 
proving highly useful and productive. I've started out by creating a 
small group of test users to trial the system while we get it off the 

Now, I am ready to bring more users online. I've set all my queue 
permissions at group level and am creating new users and placing them in 
a group; this is all working swell.

However, I have tweaked some of the columns available and the sorting on 
the RT at a Glance screen. Having to manually set these for each user is 
proving laborious and prone to error.

On top of that I like to set the "Notify me of unread messages" to Yes.

What I'm wondering of course is, can I set these parameters at the time 
of user creation? All my users are the same bar a few Administrator 
accounts. It would be great to just create a user and be done with it.

Any advice/pointers greatly appreciated.



Lachie C
VANBAR Imaging
p: 03 9417 5666 

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