[rt-users] Enabling/disabling global scrips by queue?

Riggle, Kevin kriggle at akamai.com
Fri Mar 8 17:04:33 EST 2013

A bit more digging produced


which is tbrumm's extension updated for 4.0.4.

Looking at 2bb0d45f898b, though, it's overlaying the whole Scrips.pm file
rather than cleanly overlaying the relevant methods, leading me to worry
about how future-proof it is.

This really seems like it should be a core feature of RT.  Would Best
Practical be interested in taking a patch if I were to work one up?

- Kevin

On 3/7/13 6:55 PM, "Riggle, Kevin" <kriggle at akamai.com> wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I would like to disable some of the installed-by-default global Scrips and
>re-enable them on a per-Queue basis.
>Trolling the mailing list archives I see
>which was current as of 3.8 but doesn't look to have been updated to 4.0.
>I know I can set a per-queue blank Template to *disable* a Scrip, but not
>the other way.
>What's the current state of the art here?
>- Kevin
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