[rt-users] RT 4.2.0 caching issues?

Tod Detre tod.detre at maine.edu
Mon Nov 18 09:52:13 EST 2013

My users are seeing some strange problems that appear to be related to
some sort of caching. One of the problems is they will set an owner of
a ticket and then perform a search that includes that ticket and the
owner will display as nobody in the search list.

I'd like to eliminate the MySQL query cache before start debugging RT.
However, we use a shared MySQL server so it is not practical to
disable the query cache for the entire server. Is there a way in RT to
get it to turn off the query cache? From the MySQL documentation, if I
could get RT to run the SQL 'SET SESSION query_cache_type = OFF;'
whenever it connects to the server, it would shut it off for just RT.
Is there a config option where I can get RT to issue that sql

I'm trying to collect more information, but it is difficult as we are
seeing the problems on our production machine, but not on our
development machine. So I can't turn on a lot of debugging and other
options that would slow the server down.


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