[rt-users] Mail via ticket ID rather than queue

Sam Wilson swilsonau at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 22:53:29 EDT 2013

Hi rt-users,

I have configured a multiple queue RT instance with mailgate as follows, we
create new tickets in the support queue before moving them to specific
queues to be worked on and closed.

support at example.com
queue1 at example.com
queue2 at example.com

By itself mailgate is working fine. For example I can raise a ticket
directly in queue1 via email.

The issue is around the process of creating all tickets in the support pool
before moving to a different queue. This means that users who reply to
support at example.com after having the ticket moved will actually duplicate a
new ticket with a new ID as their original ticket is now at
queue2 at example.com.

Has anyone used mailgate where the reply address is actually the ticket ID
like ticket-123 at rt.example.com or some other solution to solve the multiple
ticket issue described above?

If it helps the MTA is postfix using /etc/aliases with pipe's to mailgate.


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